OBSSSSD™ Auto Wash Shampoo


OBSSSSD Auto Wash Shampoo

OBSSSSD™ Auto Wash Shampoo is a pH neutral automotive shampoo concentrate. It encapsulates dirt and allows for a gentle wash without removing any waxes or sealants. OBSSSSD™ Auto Wash Shampoo complements and prolongs the life of high-grade carnauba waxes – magnifying their depth and enhancing their shine. Follow the directions below for best results.

Note: Do not use in direct sunlight.

This product is ECO Friendly, Bio-degradable and VOC compliant.


  1. Rinse the vehicle to remove any loose dirt.
  2. Dilute 45 ml (1.5oz) of OBSSSSD™ Auto Wash Shampoo into 20L (5 gallons) of water.
  3. Add a jet of water to activate foam suds.
  4. Start washing at the top of the vehicle and work down.
  5. Minimize the risk of scratching or marring by frequently rinsing your wash mitt in a dedicated rinse bucket. Soak the mitt in the shampoo bucket and continue washing.
  6. Rinse the vehicle frequently to keep shampoo from drying.
  7. Dry the vehicle.