OBSSSSD™ Fine Detailing Clay

OBSSSSD Fine Detailing Clay

OBSSSSD™ Fine Grade Clay is the first detailing tool for cleaning and removing contamination from delicate paintwork. With proper use, OBSSSSD™ Fine Grade Detailing Clay leaves behind a smooth glass-like finish and will not remove most waxes. Safe for use on most surfaces. Always test on an inconspicuous area to ensure the clay isn’t marring the surface.

Note: Make sure surface is clean and dry prior to claying.  Always test and inspect areas to ensure that you are not introducing additional damage to paint finish.



  1. Flatten a workable piece of OBSSSSD™ Fine Grade Clay into a disc or puck approximately 2-3” in diameter.
  2. Liberally apply OBSSSSD™ Clay Lube to both the clay disc and the area to be cleaned.
  3. Gently rub the detailing clay on the surface of the car with back-and-forth motions. Work in small sections until contamination has been removed.
  4. Fold and re-flatten the clay frequently to expose a fresh cleaning surface.
  5. Frequently re-apply OBSSSSD™ Clay Lube to maintain lubrication.
  6. Discard clay if dropped on the floor or when a clean surface can no longer be exposed.

Always store OBSSSSD™ Fine Grade Clay in a sealed container after use.